Kill process tree by parent process PID

Method 1 :

First you need to find the parent process using ps command,

ps -aef | grep -v grep | grep <PROCESS_NAME> | awk {‘print $3′}

usually the lowest process ID would be the parent.
Now after finding the parent process ID, its time to kill all 😉

Syntax : kill -TERM -<PARENT PID>
E.g : kill -TERM -24278

Method 2 :

Using ps command check the process’s by name :

Syntax : ps -aef | grep -v grep | grep <PROCESS_NAME> | awk {‘print $9′}
E.g : ps -aef | grep -v grep | grep | awk {‘print $9′}
now its time to kill them all :

Syntax : ps -aef | grep -v grep | grep <PROCESS_NAME> | awk {‘print $2′} | xargs kill -9
E.g : ps -aef | grep -v grep | grep | awk {‘print $2′} | xargs kill -9

Note : The grep -v grep should be used to exclude the grep command being listed in the grep result.

Caution : Also note that the above commands should be executed with extreme caution,as they may cause system failure if not properly used or if executed under root user.

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